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Streamlined Referral Process:

3 Easy Ways to send a referral:

1.  Via our online HIPAA secure submission

2. Via e-mail to our intake referral team at: (if you unsure if your e-mail is secure, we suggest using online submission or fax)

3. Via fax at 330-491-8148

If you have any questions about a referral you submitted, you can call our office and speak to our intake team at 330-491-8161 and press option 2. 

Advantage Difference
Advantage Difference

Our goal at Advantage Home Health Services is to strive to be our community's first choice home care, by focusing on giving patients the most comprehensive, quality health care provided by dedicated, compassionate staff, in the comfort of the patient’s home while they age in place. While giving the best possible outcomes by lowering hospitalization and reducing healthcare costs.


Data shows that patients who utilize home health services within 14 days of discharge from an acute care facility are about 25% more likely to avoid a readmission within 30 days of discharge.

Recent data from Paramount


Advantage takes pride in investing in our people and health care partners. 100% of our clinical management team started at Advantage as field staff before taking management roles within the organization. 


We initiate patients within 48 hours from initial referral and our clinicians open patients on the weekends.


Our clinical staff are local and have vested interest in our community. We are actively involved with our local organization. 


Our clinicians are available 24/7 to help your patients, helping reduce after-hours calls to your office. 


Advantage is 100% managed and operated by a clinically lead team.


High Risk Patient Protocols and processes are in place to help reduce unnecessary hospitalization.


Facilities receives quarterly and annual Score Cards with detailed facility patient information, active patient census, and hospitalization rates.

Referral Process

Advantage Home Health provides convenient access to assistance with patient care inquiries and initiating treatment through our admissions department staffed by caring and patient-focused liaisons.


We welcome patients who contact us directly, as well as those referred by healthcare professionals, social workers, case managers, family members, caregivers, or friends.

Care In Technology

The power of technology enables our clinicians to provide better care for our patients. At Advantage, while we invest in our clinician with continuing education and training, we also strive to invest in programs and technologies which will improve care plan coordination, enhance documentation, and better communication to improve patient outcomes. 

EMR - Advantage uses a powerful predictive clinical analytics platform for home healthcare. The system automatically analyzes hundreds of data points from each or your patients records and compares them to more than 3 million previous patients to accurately assess his or her current risk hospitalization.


Implementation of Remote Patient Monitoring with our "High Risk Protocol" 

Harvest Data - A market intelligence portal and Advantage specific data is reviewed. 


Health Consumer Assessment - Monitoring patient satisfaction with care being provided by the agency. Review trends and and areas to imporve. 

Care in Technology
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