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Patient Education Videos and blogs

Staying Strong with Therapy!

Seniors need to stay active while staying at home during these times. Here are some helpful exercises from our Advantage clinicians to keep your body strong to avoid falling in the home.

Seated Work Out

Lower Leg Work Out

Fall Prevention Tips in the home

Our experienced Physical Therapist, Dale S., gives us quick tips patients can do at home to prevent falls.

Pet Safety

Our PTA, Nicole gives us helpful tips and tricks on pet safety in patients homes to reduce falls.

Communicating with Individual with Dementia

Our COTA, Janet, shares her 8 helpful tips on Communicating with individual with dementia.

Choosing Healthy Meals As You Get Older

7 Healthy habits

For Seniors

Winter Safety

Patient Guide


Congestive Heart Failure


Chronic Obstructive

Pulmonary Disease


Type 1 & 2

Starting Insulin

Low Salt Diet Tips

Diabetic Foot Care

Seizure Precautions


Self-Care & Stress management


Your Home

Tips for Conserving Energy for Seniors

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